Who We Are

Incorporated with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs in May 2015 with a vision to create an Amala Jeevan, i.e. Pure and dignified livelihood for the primary beneficiaries. Amala Jeevan has been incorporated under section 8 of the Companies Act 2013 with its registered office situated in Mumbai, where it has begun its projects.

Amala Jeevan will strive to achieve its aims and objectives specifically working with the economically and socially marginalized women and minority genders in urban India. It was founded on 3 pillars of intervention. First, to spread knowledge and awareness towards inclusiveness in workplaces and educational institutions by creating a collective consciousness. Second, by creating a network of partners, consisting of inclusive individuals and organizations to support equity and growth for all. And finally, Empowerment support groups, that are continual support systems to provide hand-holding and counseling to our members

Pillars of Intervention

Current Projects

As a part of our Collective Consciousness objective, we conduct custom-designed workshops as per the requirement of the organization or educational institute. Collective Consciousness is a set of shared beliefs, ideas, attitudes, and knowledge about gender and inclusiveness that needs to percolate into the minds of all our stakeholders.

If you are interested to conduct such workshops at your workplace or school, do contact us.

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To spread knowledge and awareness towards inclusiveness in workplaces and educational institutions.


Free Talk Therapy with Inclusive Therapists

For Free Talk Therapy (Only for LGBTQIA+ and Women) Please fill the form below. Our therapist will contact you at the earliest to schedule the meet.

To advocate change and inclusion, we are collecting information and vital data points for individuals who identify as queer
Please be assured that the data is encrypted and coded when stored and will never be shared with any third party.
This data will only be used to show results statistically. Click here.